A Note: On The Best But Most Flawed Feature in iOS 8

As some of you may know, iOS 8 brings a very nice feature to the table – encryption by default on iMessage and iCloud. What this means is that, without you letting someone into your device or giving them your iCloud password, nobody but you can look at your messages and files stored in iCloud (note, I’m not touching on the iCloud hacks here and how they happened but rest assured that now Apple have installed this new encryption the likelihood of that happening again are slim to nil).

So if this is so great then what’s the flaw? You. You and your stupidly easy device pass code. You’ve made it simplified and set it to your birthday? Idiot. I too am guilty of the overly simple pass code though so I guess I can’t talk. The fingerprint scanner won’t help much either. And if you’ve got face recognition set up (why?) you should just leave.

Let me break it down. A 4 digit pass code with the numbers 0-9 which allows the numbers to be repeated only has 10000 (104) possible combinations and, according to lockdown.co.uk that can be broken instantly by law enforcement who probably have a means of rapidly trying pass codes. A fingerprint unlock and face recognition is also useless to defend from the law as they will already have your fingerprint and your face – putting aside the fact that the fingerprint scanner and facial recognition software can be easily tricked.

This brings us to a normal password – one that you use for iCloud and you have the option of using for your iPhone unlock (but who wants to key in a long ass password every time they unlock their phone?). Hopefully you’ve set this to something more robust than your anniversary or hunter2 – and if not then you should take a step back and rethink your digital life. That single word you use for your password with a number attached to it is probably stored in a rainbow table somewhere – and if it isn’t it might take a computer as little as 19 seconds to guess it.

The point to all this? Set up Find My iPhone so you can lock that SOB when you lose it on a drunken pub crawl in Soho, change your 4 digit pass code right now to a random number you won’t forget and change that crappy password you use for every site. If that website gets hacked and your password gets exposed along with your email address, every site you’ve used that same email address and password on is essentially in the public domain – as in it sucks to be you at that moment.

For Al’s guide on How Not To Fuck Up Your Internet Life And Keep On Riding The Internet On A Jet Powered Surfboard click here. Or just keep ignorant and forget that websites get hacked – and keep a bukket handy for when you need it for cris. Everytim.

NOTE: I started writing said guide and got bored. BRB, kthnxbye.


I forgot I had auto update turned on. WordPress updated. I got annoyed. So logically I deleted the entire database, the new version of wordpress and the old backup. And a load of other things. #yolo. For those not in the know WordPress powers this blog.

I then ventured away from WordPress for all of 48 hours and installed concrete5 thinking ‘perhaps a different blogging software will be fun’. No. It wasn’t. So 10 minutes ago I removed that and well, here I am. Of course I will now never get my old, hand made theme back but hey, perhaps I’m passed that whole designing a web page thing. Maybe. I also won;t decide it would be a great idea to integrate all my Tumblr posts into this blog either (without first putting it an off y default switch) as that was just hell.

SANE – Gaza & Israel

Ok, time for a late night Al factoid thang. Israel & Gaza is on the agenda. Let’s do it!

A quick recap on Ebola first though; more people die of Malaria in Africa every day (3000 children + adults), than have ever died due to Ebola. Ever. More people die of Meningitis every month across the world than have ever died of Ebola – and bacterial meningitis is more contagious than Ebola. So your fine, it’s contained and the World Health Organisation have given the go ahead for human trails of a drug called ZMapp which may or may not help the infected people’s body’s win the fight against the virus.Anyway, tonight’s topic.

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SANE – Ebola

Hey, hey, time for another Al’s Fun Filled Fact Time. Today Ebola! Much scare, such virus. Wow.

So, what’s wrong with all the people falling ill in Africa at the moment? They’ve all got Ebola Virus Disease which is caused one of 4 virus species in the genus ebolavirus – there’s 1 more virus (Reston Ebolavirus) but that hasn’t yet jumped to humans. So, aside from Reston there’s Bundibugyo ebolavirus (BDBV), Sudan ebolavirus (SUDV), Taï Forest ebolavirus (TAFV) and Zaire ebolavirus (EBOV). EBOV is what’s currently ruining people’s day.

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Wii Space

Here’s a fun fact for you – the Wii U has 32GB of internal storage. Your phone might have a micro SD card with this amount of storage – or you might be a rich SOB and have a 32GB iPhone.

That’s enough to hold every NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 game ever made. That’s 1993 games that used to take up a big ass cartridge each that now fit inside one console with room to spare – or hell, on a micro SD card with the length and width of a finger nail.