I'm Al Wilde. I dabble in web design, scripting and music.

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I Make The Odd Thing On The Computer Machine

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And The Even Odder Bit Of Music

Nothing Here Yet

There will be soon though...

Here's My Life Story Which you can give a read

If you haven’t guessed already this page is where you can find out most things about Al Wilde and this website in general. As you can see he likes to write about himself in the third person while he sits in his house in London, England, United Kingdom, Europe, Earth. He studies medical science by day and works at weekends - when he’s not out on the town until 4AM though. Jim Beam, Vodka and Doombar are Al’s drinks of choice for a fun filled night; he doesn’t dance no matter how much he drinks though.

When he’s not studying, working or in a watering hole, Al can usually be found at a computer of some sort gaming, messing around with scripting languages or rarely messing around in Logic. When the computer gets tiring Al generally reads or watches the odd bit of TV - or messes around with a bass but that hasn’t happened for many years.

Scripting languages? Yep, Al’s got them. HTML, PHP and Javascript are all pretty chill.

This Website? It uses Bootstrap for a nice HTML / CSS standard (I <3 bootstrap) and my own PHP library Green for external calls. There’s also a nice bit of jQuery stuck in there for good measure. It’s hosted by Dreamhost.


- Al Wilde’s mysterious self narrator

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